Special Interest Groups

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Special Interest Groups

Official ACBS SIGs
The existing official ACBS SIGs are listed as links at the bottom of this page. Contact information for existing SIGs is available on each child page for that SIG. 

What are SIGs?
SIGs are a group of individuals who have come together to further a particular topic of interest in scholarship, intervention development, or to promote a particular scholarly agenda within the society. SIGs provide an excellent way for members from all over the world to become involved based on their specific interests. SIGs typically form to develop, promote, and enhance the study of a particular topic or the treatment of a particular population, but SIGs can also be formed to help groups of members who may require special attention within the society, such as the Student SIG.

Who Can Join?
Anyone who is a current paid member of ACBS is eligible to join -- students, professionals, and affiliates.

Interested in Starting a New SIG?
Click here to find out how. 

What can SIGs do?
SIGs have many options for activities. Here are a few suggestions.