5th December 2017
It is our sincere pleasure to announce the opening of the Michael J. Asher Student Dissertation Awards application. These awards are for dissertation research in the area of Contextual Behavioral Science with children/adolescents. This year there are two awards available ($750USD and $250USD). Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2018. Please go here for more information and to apply.

Recent news

  • Lauren Porosoff
    By Lauren Porosoff I joined ACBS kicking and screaming. My husband, Jonathan Weinstein, tried to get me interested, but I said, “This is for psychologists. I’m a middle school teacher.” He told me I was unworkably fused with my content, and I didn’t get the joke.
  • The University of New England hosted the inauguration of James D. Herbert, Ph.D., the sixth president of the university on Saturday, September 9, 2017 on the Biddeford, Maine (USA) campus. The ceremony was held on the lawn of the Alfond Center for Health Sciences, where greetings to the new president were given by U.S. Senator Susan Collins and President of Drexel University John Fry.
  • acbs name badge -1.jpg
    My name is Jacqulyn, a linguist and communications and NLP coach. I was a first-timer at the last ACBS Conference in Sevilla. The truth is, I accidentally “stumbled upon” the ACBS website while I was surfing the Internet one day, and saw that the next conference was going to be in Sevilla, where I live, so I let out a yelp of joy and surprise. I started reading what the ACBS was all about and instantly became intrigued; hence I decided to sign up to attend. Result: I absolutely loved it, and professionally speaking, it was a brilliant decision.
  • JCBS is excited to announce a new initiative to train student reviewers. This initiative is a joint effort between the ACBS Student SIG and JCBS. This program is a great opportunity for students interested in receiving training in and experience completing reviews of manuscripts submitted to JCBS. Students will complete a training webinar then be paired with a member of the editorial board. The student will then be allowed to participate in that board member's reviews.
  • 20150718_5804 smaller.jpg
    A very special ACBS program, the Developing Nations Training Fund, received a surprise acknowledgement in a recent issue of the Associations Now online magazine, published by ASAE.
  • Emily Krosca2
    Congratulations to Emily Brenny Kroska on being selected as one of the Student Spotlight Award recipients! The purpose of this award is to highlight students who are doing important work in the CBS community whether for research, clinical, and/or volunteer-humanitarian efforts. This is a way to highlight their achievements, let the ACBS community know important work students are doing, and possibly provide a platform for mentoring/collaboration/professional development/conversations around highlighted areas.
  • Enjoy translating TED talks from the ACBS world! It is useful and interesting at the same time! TED talks are powerful talks of brief duration which have the function of spreading ideas. In the last few years they increased their efficacy and today we can hear talks about almost all topics translated in more than 100 languages. At the same time the international community of TEDx organizes events at a local level elevating them to a global level.