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ACT Audio

As audio files of ACT presentations, talks, podcasts and interviews become available, the ACBS community can share them here. If you have recorded talks that could be converted into an appropriate (mp3, wma) format and attached to this section, please do so. If you have files on your personal web pages, or talks or interviews located on other web sites (e.g., interviews with radio stations that store the sound files online), please provide the links.

To Add Content

Creating content on this site is very easy:
1. Log in (you cannot create content as a guest).
2. Find your way to this parent page.
3. Click [add child page] at bottom.
4. Provide a concise, descriptive title.
5. Either attach a sound file or a link to the content.
6. Remember to click [save].

Don't worry about getting it perfect--just get it up there! You can easily edit the content later.

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