Pain SIG

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Pain Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2012

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Contact Information

Stephen Hull, M.D.
Chief, Medical Pain Management
Mercy Health System  
Portland, Maine, USA

Current Pain SIG Officers

Staci Martin - President
Steve Hull - Past President
Stephanie Haft - Secretary
Marie Blom - Membership Coordinator
Joel Guarna - Facebook Moderator
Nuno Ferreira - Program Committee Chair and Member At Large for Europe
John Baranoff - Member At Large for Asia
Alizandra Avila - Member At Large for South America

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by SIG
• Research and clinical applications of ACT/RFT with patients and families struggling with physical pain.

Mission Statement
• To promote rigorous empirical investigation of both basic processes and applications of ACT- and RFT-based work patients and their families struggling with physical pain.
• To encourage collaboration and mutual support of work with patients and families through the development of an international community of researchers and clinicians in the ACT community
• To foster communication between researchers and clinicians who are interested in working with patients and families struggling with physical pain through an active listserv and therapy consultation groups
• To support public health and public policy initiatives to improve the care of patients and families struggling with physical pain
• To network with other professional and lay organizations serving patients and families struggling with physical pain

Description of SIG membership 
• All membership categories in ACBS are welcome to join.

SIG Activities
• Online collaboration
• Online peer consultation group
• Dedicated listserv
• Active participation at the World Conference through formal business meetings, poster sessions, panel discussions, preconference workshops