Veterans Affairs (VA) ACT SIG

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Department of Veterans Affairs ACT Special Interest Group (VA ACT SIG)

Affiliated 2011

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Contact Information

Alycia Barlow, Ph.D.
VA Puget Sound Health Care System
Tacoma, Washington, USA

2017-2018 Officers

Alycia Barlow, Ph.D., President

Jennifer Fabrizio, Ph.D., Vice President

Charlie DeLeeuw, Ph.D., Member-at-Large

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by SIG

The general interest area is the promotion and evaluation of members' practice of ACT and the dissemination of these findings.


The Department of Veterans Affairs ACT Special Interest Group's (VA ACT SIG) mission is to promote the clinical practice and research of ACT within the VA by creating an open, collegial, and supportive environment for all VA clinicians and researchers (interns, fellows, and full-time staff) to learn, practice, and study ACT. This SIG seeks to promote the evaluation of members' practices and dissemination of these findings. The SIG encourages its members to creatively apply ACT principles to their work environment, training programs, clinical practice, research, and VA-public sector cooperative efforts.

SIG Activities

To accomplish this mission, this SIG will promote the utilization and research of ACT through the following activities:

  • VA ACT SharePoint site:
  • VA ACT SIG listserve
  • Weekly ACT consultation calls available to all VA staff,
  • VA ACT SIG meetings at the VA's annual Office of Mental Health Services (OMHS) conference, 
  • VA ACT SIG meetings at ACBS Annual World Conference,
  • On-going identification of additional means to facilitate communication among SIG members as well as between SIG members and the broader VA ACT community.
  • Resources on the ACBS website.

Description of Membership

VA clinicians and researchers (interns, fellows, and full-time staff).

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