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ACBS Affiliates are a quicker, smaller & simpler way to coordinate a local ACBS group, much simpler than chapters to form, but can do most of the activities that a chapter may do. They can be formally associated within a larger chapter (but they don't have to have any formal sponsorship from or coordination with the larger chapter). They should at least let their regional chapter know they are starting up and try to coordinate efforts with surrounding chapters. Affiliates may be a good place to start, no formal board required, no elections, may eventually convert to a becoming a chapter.

The ACBS Affiliate program is intended to allow ACBS members to self-organize at the local level. As Chapters are intended for language groups or countries/ large regions/ states, those at the city level may still need a way to organize in a more formal way. Peer Consultation groups may choose to organize as an ACBS Affiliate. (If you have a Peer Consultation group, and would prefer not to register as an affiliate, you may simply post your Peer Consultation group here.)

ACBS Affiliate members are required to be members of ACBS, and are encouraged to be members of or stay connected with their regional/state/country Chapter (where applicable). The Affiliate program does not intend for Affiliate groups to create their own by-laws, have officers/elections, etc., but the Affiliate may choose to do so, if desired. While Affiliate groups are recognized by ACBS, they are separate, self-governed entities.


Please see the list of ACBS Affiliates below.