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Official ACBS Affiliates
The official ACBS Affiliates are listed as links at the bottom of this page. Contact information is available on each Affiliate’s webpage.

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates are membership organizations associated with ACBS through their interest in the dissemination and growth of the ACBS mission. Advancing the mission and values of ACBS has become an international effort as witnessed by the countries represented by our members. Affiliates provide an excellent way for members to become involved at the local level.

ACBS Affiliates are a quicker, smaller, and simpler way to coordinate a local ACBS group. Affiliates are much simpler than chapters to form, but can do most of the activities that chapters do. The ACBS Affiliate program is intended to allow ACBS members to self-organize at the local level. The Affiliate program does not intend for Affiliate groups to create their own by-laws or have officers/elections, but the Affiliate may choose to do so, if desired. While Affiliate groups are recognized by ACBS, they are separate, self-governed entities. Becoming an Affiliate is a good place to start for a local group that may eventually want to convert to a becoming an official ACBS Chapter, or is happy to stay simple, administratively.

Affiliates are not required to be formally associated with a larger regional or national chapter. If an Affiliate is within an existing chapter’s geographic region, then the Affiliate should inform their chapter of their intention to form a local Affiliate. Affiliates also should try to coordinate their efforts with larger chapters in their region, although this is not required. Local Peer Consultation groups may choose to organize as an ACBS Affiliate. (If you have a Peer Consultation group, and would prefer not to register as an affiliate, you may simply post your Peer Consultation group here.)

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is a current paid member of ACBS is eligible to join and who live or work in the locality encompassed by the Affiliate. Members of Affiliates are encouraged to also be members of their regional or national ACBS Chapter (where applicable).

What Can Affiliates Do?

Affiliates have many options for activities, such as networking events, peer consultation groups, and webinars. Here are more suggestions.

Interested in Starting a New Affiliate? Click here to find out how.

Calendar of Affiliates Events

Click here for the calendar of upcoming Chapter, Affiliate. and SIG events

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