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College/University Student Mental Health SIG

College/University Student Mental Health Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2014

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Contact Information

Megan Mayo, Vermont, USA

SIG Mission/Objectives

Our mission is to establish a community of professionals who share an interest in a) ACT/RFT/CBS and b) college/university student and/or college/university campus mental health for the purpose of mutual consultation on clinical, research, and educational matters.

We are working to achieve the following objectives:
a) Create a supportive, respectful, and fun international community of professionals to foster discussions and collaborations.
b) Increase our effectiveness in the delivery of ACT/mindfulness to college/university students.
c) Improve our methodology in researching college/university students/college campuses.
d) Remain abreast of new developments in the area of ACT/RFT/mindfulness with college/university students.
e) Have a deeper understanding of how ACT/RFT/CBS can contribute to preventing mental health problems and increasing resilience in college students or bettering their lives.
f) Have a deeper understanding of how ACT/RFT/CBS can be applied specifically to the developmental and cultural perspectives of college/university students in the current campus climate.

Both the mission and the objectives are reviewed on an annual basis, in order to keep the document alive and applicable to the changing context of mental health issues in higher education.

Description of SIG membership 

The SIG is composed of clinicians, researchers, and educators who:
a) work at a College/University Counseling Center or Health Center and/or
b) work with college students in other Student Affairs offices and/or
c) conduct research on the mental health of college students and/or
c) primarily work with college students in their private practice and/or
d) consult regularly with college campuses on mental health issues

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by SIG

College/University students' mental health and/or mental health issues impacting higher education campuses across the world

SIG Activities

- Listserv
- Annual Meeting at the ACBS conference
- Maintaining a list of SIG Resources on the ACBS website.
- Organize presentations on this topic at the ACBS annual conference

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