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Vision Statement:
ACBS is dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and the advancement of human well-being through research and practice grounded in contextual behavioral science.

Mission Statement:
ACBS is an international community of scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, and others whose mission is to:

  • support a dynamic interaction between basic and applied research;
  • disseminate contextual behavioral science;
  • continue to develop principles, theories, and practical applications grounded in empirical knowledge and guided by the best available scientific evidence;
  • support all members who wish to participate in this work.

Values Statement: 
Throughout the ACBS community, we work in a collegial, open, generous, self-critical, non-discriminatory, and mutually supportive way.

Founded in 2005 (incorporated in 2006).

The Association welcomes professional, student, and affiliate members. Check out our current membership directory.

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