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ACTing with Technology Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2014

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Contact Information
Tim Batink, MSc
PhD-candidate & Psychologist
Maastricht University
The Netherlands

President: Tim Batink, PhD-Candidate Maastricht University & Psychologist broadspectrum clinic U-center, The Netherlands.
Vice-President: Ditte Hoffmann, Psychologist and researcher, Arhus University Hospital, Denmark.
Board Member: Nyree Hutchins, Clinical Psychologist, DPsych (ClinPsych), Mental Health Scirpt Program, Australia.
Board Member: Michael E. Levin, PhD, assistant professor, Utah State University, USA.
Member at Large: Jonathan Bricker, PhD, associate professeor University of Washingotn, USA.

Anyone else interested in taking an active role in the SIG can contact us, as we can surely use any expertise and input.

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by the SIG
Technology that has an ACT component as part of improving health/wellbeing. This includes, but is not limited to internet-based interventions, mobile technology (phone, tablet and apps) and dedicated devices.

1. Promote collaboration, discussion and sharing of ideas between researchers and practitioners with an interest in applying technological solutions in the field of contextual behavioral science (ACT, FAP, CFT).
2. Informing the ACBS community of existing technology (e.g., Internet interventions, mhealth, apps, devices), and clarifying which of those are currently supported by research.
3. Promote the use of evidence-based technology, and inspire researchers and practitioners to reach larger groups of people with ACT.

SIG Activities
- Annual meeting at the ACBS world conference.
- Quarterly meetings via Skype.
- Listserv.
- Maintain a webpage with relevant information on ACT and Technology.

Description of Membership
Membership is available to all ACBS-members, and is particularly relevant to:
- professionals who would like to use technological tools within their existing ACT-informed practice.
- researchers developing technology for treatment.
- students developing/testing technology.


21-02-2017 - ACTing with Technology still going strong with more than 425 members!

News Archive:
20-07-2015 - ACTing with Technology just reached over 400 members!
12-07-2015 - At the ACBS Worldcon 13 in Berlin, there will be six symposia on ACT and Technology!
   - 17. Online ACT for Chronic Pain: Content, Novel Methods of Delivery, Feasibility, and Efficacy.
   - 30. ACTing for Global Smoking Cessation.
   - 102. From Computer Games to Avatar Led Treatments: Adapting ACT to Creative Internet Based Programs for the Prevention and Treatment of Various Problems Symposium.
   - 111. Using Web/Mobile Technology to Enhance your Clinical Work Workshop.
   - 117. Do it yourself: Innovative Delivery Methods on the Rise.
   - 122. Overcoming the stigma of getting therapy: New technology-based ACT interventions with Potential for Broad Scale Impact on Mental Health: ACTing with Technology SIG Sponsored Symposium.
11-07-2015 - 2nd ACTing with Technology SIG-meeting will take place at the ACBS-WC13 in Berlin: Saturday 18-7-2015, from 12:30-13.15, Estrel Saal C8.
01-03-2015 - ACTing with Technology SIG 1 year; with over 300 members!
01-01-2015 - Happy Newyear! Ohw, and the ACTing with Technology SIG will there at the ACBS-WC13 in Berlin!
01-09-2014 - We already have over 150 members!
01-09-2014 - ACTing with Technology ListSer is online.
21-08-2014 - WIP: Expanding our SIG-page & Starting our own ListServ; stay tuned...
21-06-2014 - First ACTing with Technolog SIG-meeting at the ACBS WCXII in Minneapolis; a valuable meeting.
09-05-2014 - At the ACBS Worldcon XII in Minneapolis, there will be several symposia on ACT and Technology!
   - Technology-Based ACT-interventions to Support Large Scale Behavioural Change.
   - Online Acceptance and Value-Based Brief Interventions for Well-being.
   - ACTing with Technology: Theory and Practice.
09-05-2014 - Update: Our first SIG-meeting at the ACBS Worldcon XII, on saturday June 21th from 12.15-13.15.
31-03-2014 - Our first annual SIG-meeting will be at the ACBS Worldcon XII in Minneapolis. Will you be there too?
01-03-2014 - ACTing with Technology SIG founded!