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Values and Meaning-Making SIG

Values and Meaning-Making Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2024

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Steering Committee

Casey Rosengren, Alex Buhk, Ali Flukes, Carrie Hayward, Teresa Lanza, Michael Silverman, Kyler Jackson, Xander Johns

SIG's Mission/Objectives

The Values and Meaning-Making SIG aims to establish a community of practice within ACBS focused on integrating values at the heart of therapy, coaching, and organizational work. Additionally, we aim to create discourse and encourage new research to enhance understanding of values and meaning-making in individuals and organizations.

We are specifically interested in more deeply exploring values and meaning-making from a CBS perspective. We want to explore how to more fully embody our lives as researchers & clinicians, how to help clients move toward values in their lives, and how to understand what other academic disciplines have said about meaning-making through a CBS-lens.

Possible SIG Activities

The Values and Meaning-Making SIG will engage in a range of activities designed to further the discourse and practice around values and meaning-making within the ACBS community:

  • SIG-wide meetings: Bringing together ACBS members who have an interest in values to connect with each other and share resources and ideas.
  • SIG Resources: Curate a list of resources that elevate knowledge and expertise.
  • Listserv: The Values and Meaning-Making SIG will facilitate an ongoing discussion via the SIG's email listserv.
  • Small Group Studies: Organize small group discussions focused on values-related literature within the ACBS, such as Values in Therapy and The Art and Science of Valuing, and books from outside ACBS, like Man’s Search for Meaning.
  • Research Discussions: Discuss research papers from within and outside the ACBS community on topics related to meaning-making and values.
  • Peer Supervision Groups: Establish peer supervision groups to practice values-centered approaches to therapy and coaching.

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