Applying ACT to Addictions SIG

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Applying ACT to Addictions Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2013

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Contact Information

Henry Steinberger, Ph.D.
Private Practice
Madison, WI, USA

2019 SIG Leaders

Cordelia Kraus
Henry Steinberger
Carolyn Tyner


Mission Statement

The mission of the Applying ACT to Addictions SIG is to foster the application of ACT and CBS to the understanding and treatment of harmful substance and activity addictions leading to their alleviation.

Topics of Interest

We will develop and share better skills and techniques for the application of ACT specifically to problems of abuse and dependence on substances, and compulsive engagement in harmful activities. We will certainly keep abreast of current research and trends in the field of addictions. We plan to dedicate some energy to updating the practices used in addiction rehabilitation programs (both inpatient and outpatient) and addiction therapy and support groups to include applications of contextual science as well as other science-based techniques and practices.

Description of SIG membership 

We are an international group of researchers, teachers, and therapists who see a rather clear connection between having addictions and attempts to avoid private internal experiences, fusing with some very unhelpful thoughts/ideas, and a disconnect from one's values.

SIG Activities

We have established both a Listserv and a Facebook page and we encourage every AAA-SIG member to join either or both. We have met together at every ACBS Conference since 2013 to establish a mission and carry it out. Thanks to some generous and energetic attendees at our last international meeting in Montreal, we now have a leadership group that meets quarterly online (Zoom) and they have been surveying our vast membership to learn what our member's hope to gain and hope to contribute to our Special Interest Group. So far, interest has been expressed in 1. having our listserv; 2. having a peer consultation group (first meeting will be Sun. Dec. 9th -  see the listserv for the times and latest information on it); 3. maintain a library of protocals and research from which to draw. We encourage all AAA-SIG members to introduce themselves on our FB page and listserv, and share their thoughts on where they want our SIG to go and what they are willing to contribute. The leadership team is listening.