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Applying ACT to Addictions SIG

Applying ACT to Addictions Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2013

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SIG Leaders

Cordelia Kraus, President
Ali Cooper, Roster Manager
Gabriella Svanberg, Facebook Manager
Suganja Sooriyakumar, Leadership Team Member

Contact Information

Cordelia Kraus, LPC, CADC1
Consultant, Therapist
Private Practice
Portland, OR, USA

Mission Statement

The mission of the Applying ACT to Addictions SIG is to foster the application of ACT and CBS to the understanding and treatment of harmful substance and activity addictions leading to their alleviation.

Topics of Interest

We will develop and share better skills and techniques for the application of ACT specifically to problems of abuse and dependence on substances, and compulsive engagement in harmful activities. We will certainly keep abreast of current research and trends in the field of addictions. We plan to dedicate some energy to updating the practices used in addiction rehabilitation programs (both inpatient and outpatient) and addiction therapy and support groups to include applications of contextual science as well as other science-based techniques and practices.

Description of SIG membership

We are an international group of researchers, teachers, and therapists who see a rather clear connection between having addictions and attempts to avoid private internal experiences, fusing with some very unhelpful thoughts/ideas, and a disconnect from one's values.

SIG Activities

• The SIG has met together at every ACBS World Conference since 2013. 

• The SIG holds at least one online community gathering a year, often a few weeks after World Con. 

• We have established both a Listserv and a Facebook group for community connection and support and encourage all AAA-SIG members to introduce themselves and share their thoughts! 

• The AAA-SIG maintains a webpage of protocols and research resources and encourage our members to add their resources. 

• AAA SIG  provides a process for sponsorship for World Con submissions related to addictive behaviors and can offer up to three sponsorship designations per conference. 

• We are currently in the process of pulling together a panel on using CBS approaches applied to addictive behaviors within groups to occur sometime in the Fall of 2024.



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