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Evolution Science SIG          

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What happens in EvoSSIG?

2015-2016: Not much from this SIG, but a lot in ACBS!! Prosocial in Sierra Leone helping to fight Ebola, for example. We started a prosocial process among ACT trainers (in process).

2014: We met in MN and a new group is formed. For more info, click the link at the bottom of this page.

2013: Eva Jablonka was an Invited Speaker at the World Conference in Sydney, July 2013. Find some information here==>

The ACBS in now partner with The mission of the Evolution Institute is to use evolutionary science to improve the human condition and solve real-world problems – bringing together experts from various fields to inform public policy with the latest research.

Contact Information:

Magnus Johansson at pgm.johansson[at]gmail.com


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