ACT and Autism SIG

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ACT and Autism Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2017

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Contact Information

Jodie Wassner
Rose Bay Medical Clinic, Learning Links, Black Dog Institute
Sydney, Australia

SIG Officers

Jodie Wassner, President
Karen Freed, Vice president
Stephanie Proudfoot, Secretary
Donna Burrowes, Communications
Katie Palmer, Member at Large
Abbie Marsh, Student Rep


SIG Mission/Objectives

To connect people who work with people on the autism spectrum and have a passion for ACT and RFT. Given how niche the area is, we often struggle to find colleagues with whom to debrief and learn. It is vital that we are able to connect with each other to network and share resources. Of course, our ultimate goal is to assist and therefore decrease unnecessary suffering for the families we see.


Description of SIG membership 

Any person who works, researches or has an interest in learning more about using ACT and/or RFT with autism spectrum conditions.


SIG Activities

We really just want to connect and share ideas. The SIG created its own listserv to share resources. We will also consider creating occasional worldwide teleconferencing for peer networking. There is very little available in this area but as we amalgamate our combined knowledge and experience, it is hoped we could eventually have more clinical trials to formally support the use of ACT/RFT with autism.  The SIG will maintain a list of resources.