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Academic Training & Research Labs

The ACBS community has provided detailed information on their research labs in the child pages at the very bottom of this page -- some of which are not located within academic training programs per se. Each of these labs conduct research relevant to, or informed by, functional contextualism, RFT and/or ACT. Labs in medical schools or hospital settings (for example) may be opportunities for you to gain experience as a research assistant (often after finishing your bachelor's degree), post-doctoral fellow, or other colleague.

The labs and academic programs listed below have been coded (Focus of program/lab; Degree (if any); Country). More details on the coding system are below:

  1. Focus of Program/Lab
    • ACT
    • RFT
    • MF = Mindfulness/acceptance-based work (e.g., third wave behavioral but not necessarily ACT per se)
    • ACT processes (experimental but not clinical training)
    • Applied RFT (e.g., behavioral intervention work)
    • Behavioral = behavioral or clinical behavior analysis perspective
    • FC = Functional Contextual (applying psychology from a contextualistic perspective)
  2. Level of Training/Degree offered (if any)
    • Masters level:
      • MA = Master of Arts
      • MSc = Masters with a research focus (Europe)
      • MS = Master of Science (US)
      • MFT = Master of Arts with a Marriage and Family Therapy specialty (US)
    • Doctoral:
      • PhD/DPhil = Doctor of Philosophy (research and/or clinical training depending on program and country)
      • PsyD = Doctor of Psychology (clinical training, some research - US)
    • Non-Degree is stated as such (e.g., work opportunity). Post-Doctoral is stated as such.
  3. Country in which the program/lab is located
ACBS Members: If you would like to add your research lab to this list, click here to share your lab information and staff will add a lab page for you.

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