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Children, Adolescents & Families SIG

Children, Adolescents & Families Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2010

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Contact Information

2023 Officers

Chris McCurry, President
Sean O’Dell, Vice-President 
Leigh Swanson, Communications Coordinator

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by SIG

Research and clinical applications of ACT/RFT with children, adolescents, parents, at home and in school settings


  • To promote rigorous empirical investigation of both basic processes and applications of ACT- and RFT-based work to children, adolescents, and their families and teachers
  • To encourage collaboration and mutual support of work with children, adolescents, and families through the development of an international community of researchers and clinicians in the ACT community
  • To foster communication between researchers and clinicians who are interested in working with youths and families through an active listserv and therapy consultation groups
  • To link this work to public health initiatives to foster nurturing communities for children, teens, and families

SIG Activities

Description of Membership

Researchers, clinicians, and students interested in applications of ACT and RFT to children, adolescents, parents and caregivers/teachers. 

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