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Relational Frame Theory (RFT) Special Interest Group

Values and Mission: The members of this group value generous and respectful collaboration in the spirit of contributing to a diverse, inclusive community. We hope for our community to be a nurturing one, aligned with a value of kindness, and offering support, empowerment, friendship, playful fun, responsibility, and exploration. We also hope to support members of our community to take on ambitious, creative, and progressive projects that build competency, disseminate RFT, and have an impact on the field and on human affairs, all while supporting cross-cultural and international research efforts across labs.

Affiliated 2022

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The RFT SIG holds regular community networking meetings as well as reading group discussions. The RFT SIG developed "Top 10" lists of research articles for beginning and advanced learning about RFT research. We are in the process of developing further projects that are aligned with our mission as well as developing the guidelines for SIG operation. SIG members are encouraged to join the RFT Listserv.

RFT SIG Steering Committee

The RFT SIG Steering Committee is comprised of three positions, ultimately each holding three-year terms. These positions are as follows:

Patrick Smith (3 year term ending August 2026): Community Engagement Lead. This role involves efforts directed toward co-creating and maintaining an inclusive and nurturing community that fosters positive growth among RFTers within and beyond ACBS. Projects aligned with this role include (i) hosting regular community-based events, (ii) establishing channels of communication between RFTers, and (iii) supporting members in exploring and extending beyond ACBS. This role exists to co-create spaces for members to discuss their work, share resources, and collaboratively problem-solve, regardless of their familiarity and fluency with RFT. Patrick will be inviting everyone in the SIG to support these efforts as best they can and shape the space into one that best serves all its members. Please feel free to reach out to Patrick at with ideas and feedback on community engagement activities.

Jordan Belisle (2 year term ending August 2024): Resource Development and Research Dissemination Lead. This role involves engaging the community in creating and sharing resources and platforms to encourage the consumption and production of RFT research. As a foundational theory underlying third-wave behavioral therapy and training approaches, it is essential that members have the opportunity to access the historic and ongoing research in a safe space and have the resources to conduct this research if desired. Projects that will occur within this role are (i) developing a list of key papers to guide novice and advanced consumers, (ii) supporting the development of research information and protocols, and (iii) assisting members to connect with researchers in the field to support both research and practice. Each of these projects will actively involve interested SIG members. Please feel free to reach out to Jordan at with ideas and feedback on resource development and research dissemination activities.

Siri Ming (3 year term ending August 2025): Training, Mentoring and Professional Development Lead. This role is responsible for supporting members in building competency in research and application of RFT, by maintaining and increasing the accessibility and diversity of RFT training materials, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. I will be reaching out to the SIG community for assistance in projects such as increasing the accessibility of training materials, developing peer mentoring opportunities, and connecting students with potential research committee members and advisers, as well as creating an RFT track at World Conferences. Please feel free to reach out to Siri at with ideas and feedback on training, mentoring, and professional development activities.

Past RFT SIG Steering Committee Members

Alison Stapleton, Community Engagement Lead (2022-2024)

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