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CBS-friendly (e.g. ACT, FAP) Pre-Doctoral Internship Sites

This list includes institutions and individuals offering ACT-friendly pre-doctoral internship sites. 

In recent years, ACT is becoming more and more prevalent at internship training programs, so this list is most certainly not complete. Of note is that since the VA has started an official nation-wide 'roll-out' of ACT, almost every VA has someone who is conducting ACT with clients and possibly even training others in ACT. Additionally, due to a broadening of both ACT and Non-ACT reserachers seeking grant funding for ACT-related research, many sites that may not seem heavily-focused on ACT may provide additional experience in ACT for the internship year. 

Notice: Students using this Directory should be aware that the information collected and posted here (by ACBS and by ACBS members directly) is requested to be accurate information about the program, but all details are not verified by a third party source. ACBS cannot guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of these entries. Please do your due diligence when selecting any training opportunity.

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