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The Duke internship has been known for providing quality DBT training, but a critical mass of ACT-trained faculty are increasingly available to provide experience using ACT with eating and anxiety disorders, among others. It is expected that over the next several years, opportunities for ACT-specific training at DUMC will grow as a result of recently awarded grant-funding to develop ACT for adolescent anorexia nervosa (Duke PI: Rhonda Merwin; Towson PI: Alix Timko). The Durham VA (adjacent to the med center campus) is also ACT-friendly and currently has an ongoing ACT consultation and study group.

Visit: http://psychiatry.duke.edu/modules/psych_education/index.php?id=3

for up-to-date information on training opportunities.


Updated 4/26/14

Place: Duke
APA Accreditation: Accredited
Training Director & Lead / Director: Karen Wells PhD
Chief Psychologist: Richard Surwit PhD
Positions: 11
Stipend: 24000
Primary Agency Type: Medical School
Descriptor Duke University Medical Center's Clinical Psychology Internship Program provides one year of doctoral-level internship training in essential skill areas of clinical psychology: assessment and diagnosis, effective intervention, consultation and evaluation, and supervision skill areas. The training model is scientist-practitioner. Two tracks are offered: Adult and Child, each with specific areas of concentration. Adult track consists of Adult CBT and Adult Health. Child track consists of Clinical Child & Pediatrics. These do not overlap so applicants must apply to one only: CBT, Health, Child, or Peds. Please see our website for a more detailed description about our program, the application process, our requirements for applying, and other information that may be useful to those interested.
Website: http://education.psychiatry.duke.edu/training-programs/psychology-internship/program-introduction