Central Washington Family Medicine,Yakima, WA, U.S.A.

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Category (e.g., practica, internship, externship, post-doc, workshop, CE, computer-based learning module, etc.)

  We welcome students coming to train for varying amounts of time. We have had some students and professionals come for 10-week rotations and have had others just do a day or two. We also may be having a Master's level intern this year.


How it relates to Contextual Medicine, or to what degree it integrates contextual behavioral science with medicine

  We have a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) team of three psychologists (one of which is Kirk Strosahl, PhD), a Master of Counseling, and a MSW on staff who use ACT and other contextually-based interventions with medical patients.


Contact information of either yourself or some other person/place to get more information or to apply

Follow this link: http://cwfmr.org/student-rotations

Bridget Beachy, PsyD

bridget.beachy@gmail.com or bbeachy@forest.edu