Bronx VA

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Our internship recently doubled in size from 4 to 8 interns. As a result, I am now supervising an intern for my PTSD/SUD clinic for half of the year for approximately 16 hrs. If you are interested in applications of ACT for complex presentations, there will be no shortage of opportunities. Interns typically carry a weekly caseload of around 8-10 patients. Additionally, Interns will co-facilitate a 12-week Seeking Safety group, an integrated EBP for PTSD/SUD and a 12-week group ACT group. Both groups also use contingency management to foster group attendance. There are also opportunities to co-facilitate a Cognitive Processing Therapy group, or to learn how to provide individualized Prolonged Exposure. Lastly, I am in the process a developing a program evaluation project, so there may be opportunities to participate in a systematic evaluation of my clinic's services, an experience that would be an asset in many clinically or research-oriented Post-doc fellowships.

Perspective interns who are interested are welcomed to contact me at: