UT Dallas Student Counseling Center - TX

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Place: UT Dallas Student Counseling Center
APA Accreditation: Accredited
Training Director & Lead / Director: Ellie Hakim
Chief Psychologist: James Cannici
Positions: 3
Stipend: 30000
Primary Agency Type: University Counseling Center
Descriptor The UT Dallas internship program utilizes a Practitioner model of training, emphasizing clinical practice and service delivery with the goal of creating ethical and culturally competent generalist practitioners. We use a developmental approach to facilitate the transition from graduate student to professional psychologist.Training is focused on facilitating interns' clinical competence, fostering the development of professional judgment, and enriching interns' scientific and practice-based knowledge. Enhancement of multicultural competence is interwoven into all facets of the training program, reflecting the strong value we place on honoring the diversity and uniqueness of every individual. We are deeply committed to facilitating the integration of interns' personal and professional identities through engaging them in supportive, yet challenging supervisory and mentoring relationships. Additionally, the internship program is based largely on a relational, "use of self" training model, as we believe optimal professional development occurs within the context of self-reflection and personal exploration.The Pre-doctoral Internship at the University of Texas at Dallas has four overarching goals, which reflect our training philosophy. Goal 1: To facilitate interns' clinical competence as generalist practitioners, with an emphasis on counseling center practice. Goal 2: To foster interns' ethical practices and professionalism. Goal 3: To enhance interns' awareness, sensitivity, and skills in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups and communities who represent various cultural and personal backgrounds and characteristics (e.g. cultural, individual, and role differences, including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, disability, size, language, and ses status). Goal 4: To facilitate the integration of interns' personal and professional identities.
Website: http://www.utdallas.edu/counseling/internship