Loma Linda VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA. Near Los Angeles California

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Loma Linda VA Medical Center is ACT friendly and providers in ACT have grown there in the last several years.   There are multiple opportunities - we have an APA approved internship program which involves specific rotations in evidenced based services CBT/ACT/DBT which usually last 4 months or longer.  There is also a postdoctoral fellowship position which involves 1 year of more intensive work with ACT and some opportunities with DBT.  There are a number of supervisors that have been trained and certified through the VA national roll out in ACT.   There are also two ACT supervisors that have been trained through the ACT Bootcamp in Reno and an onsite training at the VA by Darrah Westrup PhD. 

Current opportunities include:

ACT group for Anxiety/Depression

ACT group for PTSD (MST patients primarily)

Involvement in Wellness College (recovery-oriented groups designed to help Veterans who are “stuck” to gain skills and transition into the community using ACT and DBT approach). 

Opportunities to see ACT individual patients. 






Scott Grover