University of Houston-Clear Lake Counseling Services - TX

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UHCL Counseling Services offers an APA-accredited doctoral internship for three full-time interns. We are a Hispanic serving institution (33% of undergraduates), over 50% of students are racial or ethnic minorities, and international students comprise 14% of our student body. We place great emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism throughout our training program and aim to prepare doctoral interns to work with clients from various backgrounds. That goal is fostered through didactic and experiential training as well as exposure to clients who occupy multiple dimensions of diversity. In addition to being a racially and ethnically diverse campus, our students’ average age is 30 and nearly 40% of Counseling Services clients are first-generation college students. Interns can expect to see a wide range of clients, as students who seek counseling roughly reflect the overall demographics of our campus.

All of our staff are ACT-friendly and our new training director is strongly ACT-oriented. We hope you will have a look at our internship materials at the website below and consider applying.