Montefiore Medical Center - NY

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Place: Montefiore Medical Center
APA Accreditation: Accredited
Training Director & Lead / Director: Simon Rego
Chief Psychologist: Scott Wetzler
Positions: 8
Stipend: 40000
Primary Agency Type: Medical School
Descriptor "Based in an academic medical center, our psychology training program emphasizes learning about the nature of psychopathology using diagnosis, case conceptualization and formulation, and a variety of treatment approaches. A scientific approach to the study of psychopathology requires an in-depth understanding of evidence-based treatments - as well as the controversies surrounding them. By the end of their training, interns will have a strong command of the expanding knowledge base in psychopathology, including the complex interrelationship between biological, psychological, and social factors, and the impact they have on thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

We offer 3 specialized training programs: an adult track, a child and adolescent track, and a *new* combined (child, adolescent, and adult) track.

While each of the specializations has its own goals and objectives (see website for details), they all share the same overarching philosophy: that the internship should provide interns with a broad set of high quality clinical experiences that are sequential, cumulative, of graded complexity, and customized to fit the individual goals of each intern. As such, our program offers a number of elective rotations and makes every reasonable effort to tailor training to the needs and interests of the individual intern. This individualized training program is discussed and finalized prior to the internship start date. We also place great emphasis on supervision, providing at least 5-7 supervision hours per week, using a variety of different theoretical orientations, including: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, family/systems, schema-focused, and lifespan developmental approaches. In addition, intern seminars and departmental Grand Rounds run throughout the year, and account for at least 5 hours per week of the interns' time."