University of California, San Diego/San Diego VA Healthcare System - CA

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The University of California, San Diego/San Diego VA Healthcare System offers an ACT friendly internship. Faculty include Dr. Niloofar Afari, an ACT researcher and former graduate student of Steve Hayes. The Psychology Service at the VASDHS represents one of the most academically oriented staffs in the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital system. Currently, fully accessible by the interns are 24 positions assigned to the Psychology Service. Many of the major sub-specialities of professional psychology are represented on the staff, including clinical psychology, neuropsychology, geropsychology, marital and family therapy, alcohol treatment, behavioral medicine, post-traumatic stress disorder, and related psychology research.

Located approximately 12 miles from the hospital in Mission Valley, there are extensive medical facilities and mental health programs for outpatient care at the VA Outpatient Clinic, housed in a modern building which opened in November, 1998. Mental health programs located at the VA Outpatient Clinic include a Mental Health Clinic, the Family Mental Health Program, and the PTSD Clinical Team. The VA Psychology Service also sponsors a Behavioral Medicine Program located in Mission Valley.

For more information about this internship site you can access their website here