Central Western Massachusetts VA

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Interns interested in ACT are provided ample opportunities to gain clinical experience and receive supervision in this model at the VA Central Western Massachusetts.

Interns interested in conducting ACT-based groups may select a four-month rotation on the Specialized Inpatient PTSD Unit, where ACT forms the backbone of the program philosophy. While on this unit, interns will have opportunities to colead and lead ACT groups that follow a flexible 15-session protocol. They also will colead daily ACT-based groups that are more free-form in nature. In these intensive six-week groups, they will learn how to identify and target key ACT processes in-the-moment. They will learn how ACT may be paired with behavioral activation and "in vivo" exposure, and they will learn how to bring acceptance skills into the work with veterans as they begin approaching previously avoided situations in the community (e.g., crowds). 

Interns interested in building ACT competencies in individual psychotherapy may select a year-long ancillary rotation in ACT where the central focus is on outpatient treatment. Interns on this rotation build a small caseload of clients experiencing a range of problems and they practice working with these clients from an ACT-consistent perspective. Sessions are audio-taped for review by the intern and supervisor.

Interns interested in thoroughly emersing themselves in the ACT model may select both the inpatient and outpatient rotations simultaneously. We have found that the combination of these two rotations provides a rich training experience, and has helped our interns establish a solid foundation in core ACT competencies.

Visit:  https://www.centralwesternmass.va.gov/careers/psychologytraining.asp  for up-to-date information. 

Scott Cornelius, Psy.D., National Consultant/Regional Trainer for the VA ACT for Depression rollout, and Staff Psychologist on the Specialized Inpatient PTSD Unit is the supervisor for these rotations.