Centro de Psicología y Salud de Canarias

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This center has more than 25 years of experience in specialized psychological care.

We also have training programs and agreements signed with several  universities as practice teachers in Third Generation Therapies (ACT, FAP; Mindfulness) as well as in EMDR.

Our professionals guide students from national and international universities (Tenerife, Madrid, La Rioja, Valencia, Granada, Padua, Florence, etc.) and also participate in training, supervision and research with professionals in psychology, medicine and psychiatry.

The training programs are coordinated by Domingo Jesús de la Rosa Díaz (Specialist in Clinical Psychology and Expert in Contextual Therapies by the MICPSY Institute) and usually include the stay in the center for hours of practice with real cases in blocks of 200 minimum hours.


We have adequate facilities and resources and the center is officially accredited as a health and training center by autonomic administration.
Currently, the available places do not exceed 6 students and the demand is high, since a solid and quality training is offered.

For more information write to domingojdelarosa@gmail.com or visit https://psicologiacanarias.com/, https://es-es.facebook.com/pages/category/Mental-Health-Service/Centro-de-Psicologia-y-Salud-de-Canarias-SL-247766722286332/