Geisinger Medical Center - PA

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Place: Geisinger Medical Center
APA Accreditation: Accredited
Training Director & Lead / Director: Christine Chew
Chief Psychologist: Stephen Paolucci
Positions: 7
Stipend: 22365
Primary Agency Type: Private General Hospital
Descriptor Geisinger Medical Center, a tertiary care teaching hospital, serves a population of more than 2 million in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. In addition to the internship, Geisinger has over 25 medical residencies and fellowships.By focusing on broad training in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine, the internship primarily prepares interns for careers as practitioners in medical or applied practice settings. We adhere to the scientist-practitioner model of psychological practice. Clinical training experiences follow the apprentice model. Interns are supervised by faculty members directly involved in providing clinical services to specific patient groups within the medical center. Interns function with a good deal of autonomy, assuming junior level staff responsibilities.Participants in the program are expected to:- Further develop basic clinical skills to begin independent practice;- Understand the medical culture;- Learn to serve as members of interdisciplinary teams within the medical center;- Work with culturally diverse groups;- Learn to consult with physicians;- Apply clinical research skills in a clinical setting;- Uphold high standards of patient care and professional ethics.Interns expand their skills in assessment, psychotherapy, consultation and research. Clinical experiences are of primary importance in the internship with particular emphasis placed on learning behavior change methods for use with medical patients. Faculty frequently use cognitive-behavioral, ACT, and motivational interviewing approaches although other treatment methods with empirical support are encouraged.Interns choose 1 of 2 tracks: 1) adult clinical/behavioral medicine (3 interns) or 2) child clinical/pediatric psychology (4 interns). Contact the program for details.4 weekly education conferences complement the clinical component of the internship. Research opportunities exist.Postdoc opportunities available for year 2.