VA Maine Healthcare System (Togus, Maine)

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Updated July 14, 2008

The Clinical Psychology Training Program at the Togus, Maine VA currently offers ACT training in the PTSD and Primary Care rotations.

The Intensive Outpatient PTSD Program (IOP) is an intensive ACT training experience. ACT is presented to a cohort of veterans in a "workshop" format across 14 classes (groups) in five days. All aspects of ACT (Let Go, Show Up, and Get Moving) are experienced in the 14 sessions. Veterans who have graduated from a week-long cohort are offered unlimited follow-ups in the form of additional groups or individual "coaching" via the phone or in person. The program conducts 26 cohorts per year. The other 26 weeks are for assessment, individual sessions, research and program development. Interns and Residents become integral parts of the entire process.

Each morning the staff meet to talk about the current cohort, program development, Functional Contextualism, Relational Frame Theory and ACT. Plus we often are providing training to visiting clinicians.

The PTSD IOP strives to remain on the cutting edge of effective treatment for veterans struggling with trauma-related suffering.

We have recently started up a strong research program in conjunction with the University of Maine at Orono.

Interns and Residents will get a rich and moving educational experience in this dynamic and often entertaining process.

The IOP staff are Kevin Polk, Ph.D. and Jerold Hambright, Ph.D.

The Primary Cary Behavioral Health is and ACT rotation headed by John Agee, Ph.D. (a former postdoctoral Resident in the PTSD IOP). The rotation involves learning and implementing brief (as little as one session) psychological interventions based on ACT and other mindfulness-based therapies.

While the PTSD IOP is intense and dynamic, at the same time it is part of a laid back and friendly Togus Psychology Training program.

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Updated 4/26/14

Place: VA Maine Healthcare System
APA Accreditation: Accredited
Training Director & Lead / Director: Diana Sholtz
Chief Psychologist: Kevin Polk
Positions: 3
Stipend: 23974
Primary Agency Type: Veterans Affairs Medical Center