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Mississippi State University - Jennifer Krafft (ACT, process-based therapy, applied RFT; Ph.D.; USA)

I direct the Mindfulness and Acceptance Processes (MAP) Lab at Mississippi State University. The lab focuses on the evaluation and application of acceptance and mindfulness-based treatments, using self-help and tech-based approaches, with a particular focus on addressing hoarding, OCD, anxiety, and mental health stigma. Lab projects include tech-based and self-help interventions, work on measurement and ecological momentary assessment, and investigations of mindfulness and acceptance processes broadly. The overarching goal of our research program is to conduct rigorous and innovative research that results in treatments that are impactful, acceptable, and accessible. In the lab, we prioritize doing meaningful, challenging, values-driven work in an environment that is collaborative, respectful, and supportive. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me ( with any questions, or to express your interest!

Missisippi State Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program: Link

My faculty page: Link


(This page was updated September 2022).

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