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Rogers Behavioral Health RUM-PTSD Research Team (Chad Wetterneck, ACT/FAP/CFT; virtual lab)

Currently a virtual lab composed mainly of students from Marquette University and UW-Milwaukee, under the supervision of the Chad Wetterneck Ph.D., Clinical Director of Trauma Recovery Services at Rogers Behavioral Health's nation-wide system of trauma treatment programs.  Any are welcome to apply to the lab regardless of location, as long as you have an interest in ACT, FAP, CFT, or other contextual behavioral approaches and the treatment of PTSD and trauma.

Current or recent projects from the lab include:

1. Developing a scale for interpersonal functioning and targets in those with trauma based on the FAP model of Awareness, Courage, and Responding.

2. Predictors of treatment outcome in PTSD and related trauma treatment with an interest in awareness, courage, and responding, valued living, and self-compassion.

Dr. Wetterneck has excellent training in ACT including multiple training workshops, serving as the lead therapist in a randomized controlled trial of acceptance-enhanced behavioral treatment of trichotillomania, and co-leading an ACT supervision groups. He also is a certified trainer in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. He received his doctorate from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has over 90 peer-reviewed publications and a book.  Dr. Wetterneck has specific interests and experience with PTSD, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders,substance use disorders, intimacy, diversity, and both ACT & FAP  If interested in working in his lab, please email him at

(This page was last updated October 11, 2022).

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