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Southern Illinois University - Eric Lee (ACT/FAP/RFT/FC/Process-Based; PhD; USA)

Hello! Our Personalized Mental Health Lab at Southern Illinois University focuses on process-based therapy (such as ACT, FAP, modern CBT). I have specific specialization and interest in anxiety and OCD and related concerns as well as open-science. This includes interest in obsessive thinking, compulsive and habitual behavior, perfectionism, anxiety sensitivity, and exposure and response prevention. Beyond that, we are interested in better understanding what makes treatment work for people at an individual level and how to actually get good help to people who need it.

Please reach out if you are interested in working in our lab or have any questions:

See our lab page to get a feel for our work and the lab culture: Personalized Mental Health Lab

My Google Scholar page: Google Scholar

My ResearchGate page: ResearchGate

SIU faculty page: SIU

(This webpage was updated on October 12, 2022)

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