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Eastern Michigan University-Tamara Loverich (ACT/FC/MF/Behavioral; MS, PhD, USA)

Dr. Loverich completed her PhD in clinical psychology with an emphasis in forensic psychology in 2002. She worked as an assistant professor of clinical psychology at Central Michigan University from 2001-2006 when she moved to Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Loverich is very engaged in undergraduate and graduate education, research, clinical supervision and practice.

Her research interests include emotion regulation and experiential avoidance broadly speaking, overeating and other excessive behaviors as emotion regulation strategies, and modern behavior therapies that address emotion dysregulation including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Mindfulness-based therapies. An interest in multiculturalism pervades all of these areas of study, and all are studied utilizing modern behavioral theories and methods.

She has published articles, chapters, and a workbook in the areas of behavioral assessment and treatment, sexual deviance, treatment for sexual self-control problems and multicultural considerations in clinical practice. Her research has shifted emphases from emotion and sexual self-control to emotion regulation and obesity. Articles in this area are currently under review. She is no longer doing research in human sexuality.

Dr. Loverich teaches Behavioral Assessment, Psychological Perspectives on Prejudice and Discrimination, Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Clinical Populations, Atypical Sexuality, and Modern Behavior Therapies.

She supervises doctoral fellows in behavioral assessment and psychotherapy, is the coordinator of the Clinical Behavioral Master's program, and is the coordinator of all clinical psychology practica in the community.

Her email address is


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