Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Mark Dixon (ACT/RFT: MSc, Ph.D.; USA)

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At SIU Carbondale the ACT labs in the Behavior Analysis and Therapy program serves as a training and research platform for our MS. and Ph.D. students. The labs provide students with training under the guidance of Dr. Mark Dixon. Dr. Dixon’s lab currently works with, pathological gamblers, individuals with obesity, students with anxiety disorders, children with brain injury, children diagnosed with autism, in classroom behaviors, and school workers (i.e. teachers). Our faculty and students have participated in cross national and international research.

Here is a sample of published research by Dr. Dixon and Dr. Rehfeldt pertaining to ACT and Relational Frame Theory: :

Dixon, M. R., Dymond, S., Rehfeldt, R., Roche, B., & Zlomke, K. R. (2003). Terrorism and Relational Frame Theory. Behavior & Social Issues, 13(1), 129-147.

Dixon M., & Zlomke K. (2005). Using the precursor to the relational evaluation procedure (PREP) to establish the relational frames of sameness, opposition, and distinction. Revista Latinoamericana De Psicologia [serial online]. 2005;37(2):305-316. 

Dixon M., Zlomke K., & Rehfeldt R. (2006). Restoring Americans' Nonequivalent Frames of Terror: An Application of Relational Frame Theory. Behavior Analyst Today [serial online]. July 2006;7(3):275-289.

Dixon, M. R., & Lemke, M. M. (2007). Reducing Prejudice towards Middle Eastern Persons as Terrorists. European Journal Of Behavior Analysis, 8(1), 5-12.

Ninness, C., Dixon, M., Barnes-Holmes, D., Rehfeldt, R., Rumph, R., McCuller, G., & ... McGinty, J. (2009). Constructing and Deriving Reciprocal Trigonometric Relations: A Functional Analytic Approach. Journal Of Applied Behavior Analysis, 42(2), 191-208.

Dymond, S., Bateman, H., & Dixon, M. R. (2010). Derived Transformation of Children's Pregambling Game Playing. Journal Of The Experimental Analysis Of Behavior, 94(3), 353-363.

Wilson, A. N., & Dixon, M. R. (2010). A Mindfulness Approach to Improving Classroom Attention. Journal of Behavioral Health and Medicine, 1, 137-142, (2).

Dr. Mark R. Dixon, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Dixon holds a PhD degree from the University of Nevada (1998 graduation) and is a Professor and Coordinator of the Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program at Southern Illinois University. For the past five years he has also served as the Director of an SIU initiative (Behavioral Consultant Group) to infuse behavior analysis within schools, alternative education, and residential facilities serving individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Mark also runs a behavioral therapy clinic (Project HEALTH) for persons suffering from problem gambling, or from obesity. Dr. Dixon has published 3 books, over 100 peer reviewed journal articles, and delivered over 300 presentations nationally and internationally. Dr. Dixon is recognized as one of the most skilled programmers of behavior analysis research and data collection systems worldwide. His software has been distributed across many countries and has been translated into foreign languages. Mark has been the Editor of the peer-reviewed journals “Journal of Behavioral Health and Medicine, and "Analysis of Gambling Behavior”. He is also a former Associate Editor for “Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis” and Associate Editor for the “Journal of Organizational Behavior Management”. Mark's research and/or expert opinions have been featured in Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, National Public Radio, This American Life and local affiliates of ABC, CBS, PBS, and the Southern Illinoisan.



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