Chapman University (Orange, CA) - Georg H. Eifert (ACT; MA(MFT); USA)

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We have developed ACT treatment protocols for anorexia, anger, and anxiety disorders. The two books on anger and anorexia were written for lay people, whereas the anxiety book is a therapist guide.

We are currently investigating the effectiveness of our new unified treatment protocol -- ACT for Anxiety Disorders -- compared to standard CBT for persons suffering from anxiety disorders. The study itself is conducted in the Anxiety Disorders Behavioral Research Lab at UCLA (directed by Michelle Craske) in collaboration with John Forsyth (SUNY Albany). Our ACT for Anxiety Disorders website provides more detailed information on our approach and downloadable therapist resources.

For more information and a list of recent publications, please visit Georg Eifert's faculty home page.

For more information on our ACT books on anorexia, anger, and anxiety disorders click here