Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) - Carol Glass and Diane Arnkoff (MF; MA, Ph.D; USA)

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Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Psychotherapy Integration (AMPIR) Lab – Carol Glass and Diane Arnkoff (MF; MA, Ph.D; USA)

The AMPIR lab conducts research broadly focused on mindfulness interventions, including methods and constructs used in ACT. Recent research has included outcome studies of optimal ways to teach mindfulness in mindfulness interventions for stress in university students; mindfulness and cognitive factors in anxiety; neuroticism and psychological inflexibility; the role of self-compassion, mindfulness, and psychological inflexibility as predictors of psychological health; meta-analysis of mindfulness vs. CBT for changing positive and negative affect; development of a measure of mindful thoughts; and mindfulness-based treatments for trauma. Additionally, we are interested in how mindfulness can be integrated into a range of theoretical orientations, and have developed and evaluated a mindfulness-based intervention for athletes. Our Ph.D. program in clinical psychology can include supervision in CBT and mindfulness-based interventions as part of the second-year practicum.

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(This webpage was updated on May 4, 2018)