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Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences---Zhuohong Zhu, Ph.D (ACT/RFT; Beijing, China)

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Location: Beijing, China
Chief Psychologist: Zhuohong Zhu / Director: Jing Cao
Positions: 6 open positions for research assistants

Professor Zhuohong Zhu’s research  group at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science, focuses on the studies of “Psychological Flexibility”. In addition, the research group strives to promote the application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT) along with Relational Frame Theory(RFT) to help children with Autism and their parents to better understand the syndrome and facilitate recovery training.

By the end of August, 2016, Professor Zhu’s research group has had 6 full-time master's students, 16 part-time master's students, and 2 Postdoctoral fellow. Right now, the group has 12 full-time master's students, and two Postdoctoral fellows. Sixteen academic articles about ACT have been published.
The Research Group is currently looking for six research assistants. They will be working on assisting research projects regarding how to apply ACT practically. For example, they will help assess the effectiveness of ACT on the psychological flexibility of elders, teachers, parents, cancer patients, and uremia patients; the influence of RFT on improving metaphorical competence for Autism and how RFT facilitates children’s linguistic capabilities and etc. Last but not least, the research assistants will be able to get involved with course development of ACT and RFT for people who are interested in becoming ACT therapists.

Welcome students who plan to apply for master’s degree to contact us.


(This webpage was updated on September 6, 2016)


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