Newby to ACT with a challenging case

I'm very new to ACT. Ive been a GP (family physician) who by default does a lot of counselling for over 20 years in Australia and a daily mindfulness meditator for about 7 years. I discovered ACT when a patient insisted I read The Happiness Trap a few months ago and soon after did the first workshop with Russ Harris.

Example(s) of Safety Contract with ACT Language

Has anyone seen any exmaples of safety contracts written from an ACT and/or RFT perspective?


Greatly appreciate any response,


Tom Wellington

what is meant exactly by "context"

hello everybody, wherever i read about ACT or RFT, i always find the word "context" , they say we manipulate the context, and the self has three level ranging from content to process then to context, so what is exactly the definition of "context"? and  as i abstacted it may refer to the antecedent and consequence, is that true?

Contextual Behavior, Autism, and the Theory of Relativity


    Behavior research has developed a methodology for people suffering from severe autism to engage in a task by means of utilizing an antecedent, behavior, and a condition. However, how do we help these same people to see the context of the task?

As Dr. Peter Vermeulen, the author of "Autism as Context Blindness", stated:

"Understanding autism as context blindness is the cornerstone of an autism friendly approach." 

ACT and Medical Treatment

I'm a doctor, specialist in Psychiatry, I was the head of an open acute psychiatric ward for almost 18 years and now I' m working in my private practice. During all my career I'm helping people with medical treatment given with humanity, knowledge and common sense.

In the last period I'm studying ACT and I get the impression that the theory has a negative point of view about medical treatment given by "good hands".

I will be glad to receive opinions in this matter.

Dr. Zipris


$75 Million Prize from Google Life Sciences

  If anyone does research in contextual behavior research with respect to coronary heart disease, Google Life Science and the American Heart Association has the following prize in this research:

The deadline is 2/14/2016

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy- do we know enough

Sharing the attached, interesting use of meta-analyses.

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looking for video clips on this site

I am a new member and was searching for research material on the listserv when I came across several short video clips of Dr. Hayes being interviewed about ACT in connection to specific difficulties such as : depression, anxiety, eating disorders etc. I watched one of the clips and wanted to see more, but now I cannot find them on the site! They are not the video clips listed under resources. Can anyone direct me to where these are at?

ACT and Self Compassion

I was surfing the internet and quite by chance came across Steven Hayes' article for the Huffington Post entitled "Is Self Compassion more important than Self Esteem"? It really got me thinking as it was quite some time since I had thought about compassion and a good deal longer since I had thought about Self Compassion. It inspired the latest post at entitled, you've guessed it, ACT and Self Compassion. If you have a minute I would love yo to come and visit.

Hi All

Still trying to create a link with, a regularly updated blog of ACT inspired poetry, commentary and other ACT goodies.

Here goes.

Greetings from the UK


ACT and the Value Driven Life

Hi All

This is the first time I have posted a blog here so I hope all goes well.  We already know that ACT loves metaphors, ACT loves images and ACT loves stories.  I believe that ACT also loves poetry.  I love ACT and I write poetry so it seems natural that I should incorporate the two.   

Do You Have a Dirty Mind?


Part 1:

Free Online Course: The ACT Matrix 101 by Kevin Polk, Ph.D.

Hi folks!

I just added a free online training course for called The ACT Matrix 101.

There are currently 7 Videos from Beginning to Advanced topics, including Functional Contextualism (FC) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT).

No worries, all of the lessons are based on the simple Matrix diagram. 

In the future I will add videos about how to use Matrix worksheets.

Just click below to sign up for free...

Get Facebook Followers Fast

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Tinnitus is Music (Part Three)

As I shared in my last two columns, I used to suffer with tinnitus but not any longer. I still have it. Like I have baldness and other symptoms of being 57 years old. It is present like the clouds in the sky are present or the sound of traffic is present. The sound is still there. But I no longer suffer with it. Not even a little. The ringing is still there but I have not suffered with it since that morning eight years ago when I woke up to the lesson it was trying to teach me. I got it. I still get it. And it is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Tinnitus is Music (Part Two)

My dear brother Jim married Karen in June of 2005 in Denver, Colorado. In the months leading up to the wedding I was living in my own private hell. Few knew how much I suffered.

From nowhere it seemed, as I described in my previous column, my brain or my inner ear decided it would be a good idea to turn on a high-pitched siren, like a kid pulling a prank, and then walk away and let it ring for…let’s see…freaking ever.

Tinnitus is Music (Part One)

I can’t tell you what year it was. Maybe 1995 but it doesn’t really matter. I was in the first decade of my private practice, long enough to be established but short enough to still feel like a novice on occasion. “Sam” found me because he heard I was proficient in something called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. It isn’t that common for a client to ask a therapist about his therapeutic approach but in those days, if queried, that was my response.

Interventions psychologiques Basées sur la Pleine Conscience (IBPC) en Médecine Générale (Mégé)

Place des Interventions psychologiques Basées sur la Pleine Conscience (IBPC) en Médecine Générale (MG):
Le cas d'un adolescent souffrant de fatigue avec décrochage scolaire

Olivier Bernard, Médecin généraliste, UCL (1994)

Résumé :

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Demystifying ACT workshop - Baldwin, NY - June 4th - See the flyer attachment

You can register online through Eventbrite:

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Carmen Luciano interviews Kelly Wilson in Madrid

ACT and Buddhology

学习ACT的过程中,越发感到佛学的影子,似乎这是东方与西方,现代与传统,科学与 佛学的对应。初步思考,必有诸多主观臆断,愿与ACT学者、佛学高僧大德及居士交流切磋。


​四法印,又作四法本末、四忧檀那,佛教四法门为:一切和合事物皆无常(诸行无常); 一切情绪皆苦(诸漏皆苦); 一切事物皆无自性(诸法无我); 涅槃超越概念(涅槃寂静)。

ACT的基本假设:1、一切都在变化,语言和僵化的规则成为问题根源;2、痛苦是常态,痛是机体反应无法消除,苦是言语所致,可以减少,一切情感只是反应结果,只有接纳;2、“我 ”可以 解构为“概念化自我+经验自我+观察自我”,经验自我时刻在变,概念自我变化较慢,只有观察自我才是不变的;4、观察自我是无内容的、无边界的、恒久的,如同涅槃寂静。



Demystifying ACT webinar handout

Hi Folks,

I've posted the slides for my webinar Demystifying ACT.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with me.  I am planning on making this webinar available as a "studio version" in the near future.  Stay tuned!


D.J. Moran

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Just joined you .... catching up ...

" Between stimulus and response there is a space... make a difference, be on the moment"

" Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom." - Victor Franklin

Blog Post Number One: You should put a blog on it

So, my web designer, and all round great guy, Paul has advised me that if thinkPSYCHOLOGY is going to have a website, it should probably have a blog on it. I am told that dynamic content is good and that visitors to websites like to see new stuff from time to time. For any followers of Albert Ellis' theory on the unhelpful nature of rigid demands (the lists of "shoulds" and "musts" we so often allow to run our lives for us), rest assured that Paul is saying "should" by way of recommendation rather than demand. At least I think he is.

New Resolution for the New Year...

“Peace- it does mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”- Anonymous

Sobre la terapia de pareja

En el siguiente enlace podréis encontrar información más detallada y estudios técnicos sobre la psicología aplicada a la terapia de pareja

Gaining More Followers On Facebook

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New Years Resolution & Self-Compassion

New Years Resolution & Self-Compassion
By Clinical Psychologist Dr James Kirby

When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve we all celebrate and enjoy the moment. However, not long after, we get met with that dreaded question?

So what are your New Years Resolutions?

Teaching ACT Courses to the Public

As of Sept 2014 I have just started teaching an ACT course at an active senior center and a course proposal I submitted for an ACT course at a local college in community education has just been accepted. I would like very much to connect with other ACT clinicians who are doing the same so we can share ideas.

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