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New Sex Coaching Course and Sexual Mindfulness Audio Collection

Hi All,

My new course, Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching: Sexual Relationship Coaching for Committed Couples has been approved for 10 Coaching CEUs from the Center for Credentialing Education (CCE). Find out more:

Entrevista con Steven C. Hayes: Sal de tu mente, entra en su charla (subtitulado al español)

¡Hola! Te invitamos a disfrutar de esta amistosa y profunda entrevista con Steven Hayes, donde nos comparte su conocimiento y algunas reflexiones y consejos útiles para la comunidad de psicólogos y estudiantes que formamos parte de México.






Reflections on ACT/FAP & Useful Protocols

In the past, I would write about ACT and what I was doing at the College where I was a Director of Counseling, for example started a group on ACT and Depression in 2010, and it was wonderful.  It deeply resonated with the students. This led to other small workshops on mindfulness, ACT and "the Happniness Trap", and then I took a pause.

Four Paths to Psychological Flexibility.

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Marianela Medrano, PhD, LPC 

Registered Supervisor ACT - Australia

Hi all


I am looking for an AHPRA registered secondary supervisor who focusses on ACT, preferably in the workplace and preferably in Brisbane.  Might be a big ask!  I am also allowed to do supervision via Skype/Webcam etc, so if you do focus more in the workplace, but not in Brisbane, would be interested to hear from you as well!  


Kind regards

Margie Ireland

Provisional Psychologist 

Ph: 0418734425



Laurence Marchand-Taillade, coach personnel et professionnel - Praticien ACT

J’ai 44 ans. Je suis née un vendredi 13 et ce qui me décrit le mieux, c'est de dire que, quoiqu'il advienne, je provoque ma chance !

Ma vie est un patchwork de mes expériences et des rencontres qui m'ont enrichie !

ACT Matrix Studies indicating improved performance

Hi All

Is anyone aware of studies completed or in progress where the ACT Matrix is used in individual and team coaching that resulted in increased performance (which could be, bottom line, staff retention, 360 degree feedback, pre and post individual measure of psych flexibility).


Margie Ireland

Brisbane, Australia. 

Finding the Secret to Successful Relationships

Here's a lesson about finding the secret to successful relationships using the ACT Matrix:

Be Well!


End of Life Care and the ACT Matrix

Here's a page about approaching end of life care using the ACT Matrix.

Be Well!


New Year's Resolutions: ACT Matrix Style

Here's a page about applying the ACT Matrix to New Year's Resolutions (even if you don't do resolutions.)

Be Well!


Unsticking Your Weight With the ACT Matrix

Here's a link to a page applying the ACT Matrix to weight management:



Putting Scrooge to the ACT Matrix

Here's a link to a page applying the ACT Matrix to Ebenezer Scrooge.

Happy Holidays!


ACT in Schools Research

Teacher Distress and the Role of Experiential Avoidance. 
     Hinds E, Jones LB, Gau JM, Forrester KK, Biglan A.

The Value of Workshops on Psychologicial Flexibility for Early Childhood Special Education Staff
    Biglan, A; Layton, G; Jones, LB; Hankins, M; Rusby, J

Questions for Mental Health Professionals/ ACT Practitioners

Hey fellow ACT practitioners!

I wanted to ask a question that’s been on my mind lately. I know I’m taking a risk to put my personal stuff out there, and I guess I’m looking for some support and community from people who have chosen to be ACT therapists. I’m assuming that we may have some things in common!

Mindful Healthcare Questionnaire

Dear Reader,



Can Relational Frame Theory help us to understand delusions?

How can we understand delusional beliefs in behavioural terms?

A recent paper published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science by Corinna Stewart, Ian Stewart and Sean Hughes presents a “call to action” for taking a natural science approach to discerning persecutory delusions, by outlining the directions that contemporary contextual research on language and cognition provide... [READ MORE]

Regaining Balance: Mindfulness Skills for Parents in Transition

Ruth Jaeger, LCSW and Liz Salin, MFT are very excited to announce the start of a 6 week class in San Rafael, CA for parents who are experiencing a separation or divorce. The class will focus on teaching participants to use mindfulness meditation skills to regulate the inevitable stress and dysregulation of this transitional phase. Our program is inspired by Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes which have demonstrated that these skills can be learned in a short term format.

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Our Values Lie Behind the Fight or Flight Response

How can people who are counselors work through our own fears and insecurities? In my latest post for the American Counseling Association, I open up and share my struggles as a new counselor. I'm dealing with a big transition from being a student to becoming a counselor. This is terrifying at times because I have this thought "but what if I fail? What if I'm not good enough?" I describe my own process of working through my insecurities as I take on my new role as a professional.

ACT Effectiveness

In an effort to obtain approval from insurance companies for an ACT focused Anxiety Intensive Outpatient Group, we are exploring the statistics of is effectiveness of ACT with anxiety. 

Parent/Child Interaction - Disabilities & ACT Model

Hi folks

ACT and grief.

I have recently and unfortunately on a personal level experienced the effectiveness of ACT on anticipitory grief. I won't go into detail but let me just say that being an ACT therapist served me very well. As life unfolds we aren't always prepared to deal with unexpected negative circumstances. ACT gave me a foundation to anchor my emotions during this painful time. I wanted to avoid and stop the negative feelings but fortunately my ACT training directed me to acceptance and ultimately commitment to my values. The anxiety reduction was amazing.

Importance of Value Based Living

As I am currently in between my academic studies and getting ready for internship, I have began writing articles for a website under the domain Esteem Value. 

Here I am focusing on addressing common societal psychological dysfunction through ACT based approaches. I have especially been promoting the idea of value based living, as this is definitely my favorite part of the ACT model and I find my patients get most excited about the prospect of living a meaningful life through value based living.

Mindfulness practice – What’s the point and where are we going?

It is often said that human beings are motivated by self-interest. If this is true, then it explains why deep meditation and self-reflection comes so easily to us. But wait… it doesn’t.

Self-interest of this kind, that is, sustained self-awareness of our present moment experiences, is rather elusive and often difficult to do for long stretches. It might not seem so at first, but this is a powerful irony that accounts for a great deal of human suffering.

Is the functional analysis of behaviour important?

Is it important to understand behaviour in context?

Psychology has a myriad of models about understanding humans and their behaviour. For the person interested in finding ways to help people change, many of these models have a big gap: they don’t point to what you can actually do to influence behaviour. READ MORE

Newby to ACT with a challenging case

I'm very new to ACT. Ive been a GP (family physician) who by default does a lot of counselling for over 20 years in Australia and a daily mindfulness meditator for about 7 years. I discovered ACT when a patient insisted I read The Happiness Trap a few months ago and soon after did the first workshop with Russ Harris.

Example(s) of Safety Contract with ACT Language

Has anyone seen any exmaples of safety contracts written from an ACT and/or RFT perspective?


Greatly appreciate any response,


Tom Wellington

what is meant exactly by "context"

hello everybody, wherever i read about ACT or RFT, i always find the word "context" , they say we manipulate the context, and the self has three level ranging from content to process then to context, so what is exactly the definition of "context"? and  as i abstacted it may refer to the antecedent and consequence, is that true?

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