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Research Resources

There are several lines of research within the CBS community at all levels including basic, analog and applied. As such, there are a number of resources to aid you in conducting research in ACT/RFT and Contextual Behavioral Science.

We also have compiled several summaries of existing ACT/RFT research to make consuming the research simpler for you. 

Research Groups

In addition to the resources below, there are several formal and informal groups of folks conducting research on particular topics, within clinical practice, and in basic and applied RFT.  Whether you are interested in conducting research on your own or in a research lab there are often opportunities to collaborate with others in your area of interest. Formally, there are several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) being created, with members all over the world. (For example, there is a Research in Clinical Practice Collaborative SIG.) Informally, folks often share research ideas and tips for developing projects.

If you have an interest in developing a research group or a place to share ideas, consider contacting others with similar interests, networking, or start creating a Special Interest Group. A good place to start is by emailing the ACT for Professionals and RFT listservs or colleagues who may have similar interests or check out the research labs and academic training page for information about research interests.

Please be sure to also check out the RFT sections of the site.

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