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Self-organization in nonequilibrium systems has been known for over 50 years. Under nonequilibrium conditions, the state of a system can become… Read more

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This article introduces the Process Based Progress Note (PBPN), a newly developed tool aimed at enhancing documentation in therapy by focusing on… Read more

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From Hayes, Hayes, and Reese (1988): 

“Third, eclecticism, if it involves combinations of distinct world hypotheses, is… Read more

Submitted by Adam Leighton on
Or The Surprising Parallels Between Psychotherapy and Physical Therapy

As I lay on the physiotherapy treatment bed, the… Read more

Submitted by yw.mak on

Dear all,

This is a friendly reminder to join the 6th session of AsiaFlex2. 

Topic: Cultural/group level flex/inflex (family,… Read more

Submitted by Henry Steinberger on

I just want to WARN the ACBS community that the book titled: CBT+DBT+ACT 10 IN 1 by Joseph Owens and his related books by similar titles are all… Read more

Submitted by solange.estevez on

El juego lo pienso como herramienta porque promueve el cambio o modificación de conductas “in situ”: nos permite conectarnos con el ensayo y error… Read more

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Understanding the evolution of altruistic behaviors has been a long-standing challenge in both… Read more

Submitted by Lou Lasprugato on

Have you ever been hungry for a hearty, healthy source of protein, but instead, reached for the most accessible processed food item… Read more

Submitted by ngpoulton on

Anyone have ideas on the best EHR for a solo practice using PBT?

Submitted by rlaitinen on

If you understand the universal preponderance of component/composite relations and how those relations give rise to variance and complexity, then… Read more

Submitted by rlaitinen on

"Why do people vote against their own best interest?"  This question defines one of the more perplexing paradoxes of the effect of verbal… Read more

Submitted by rlaitinen on

The metaphor of momentum  is essential to the development and exploration of RDT.  The metaphor is based on Newton’s second law of… Read more

Submitted by rlaitinen on

"Context is everything" and it is divisable.  But how do we divide context in meaningful ways that allow us to science within that space and… Read more