" Between stimulus and response there is a space... make a difference, be on the moment"

" Between stimulus and response there is a space, in that space lies our power to choose our response, in our response lies our growth and our freedom." - Victor Franklin

Blog Post Number One: You should put a blog on it

So, my web designer, and all round great guy, Paul has advised me that if thinkPSYCHOLOGY is going to have a website, it should probably have a blog on it. I am told that dynamic content is good and that visitors to websites like to see new stuff from time to time. For any followers of Albert Ellis' theory on the unhelpful nature of rigid demands (the lists of "shoulds" and "musts" we so often allow to run our lives for us), rest assured that Paul is saying "should" by way of recommendation rather than demand. At least I think he is.

New Resolution for the New Year...

“Peace- it does mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”- Anonymous

Sobre la terapia de pareja

En el siguiente enlace podréis encontrar información más detallada y estudios técnicos sobre la psicología aplicada a la terapia de pareja

Gaining More Followers On Facebook

Launch Interaction with Possible Clients: The Facebook fans are normally thought about as followers on your authorities web page. You could select one of the most interested site visitors and also send out advertising e-mails and also messages utilizing your Facebook messaging center. This is means to stay your consumers notified regarding the services and products you are introducing, brand-new deals, bundles as well as far more. Businessmen need to nevertheless comprehend, that these mails must not be sent out regularly to avoid over doing as well as disinterest amongst customers.

New Years Resolution & Self-Compassion

New Years Resolution & Self-Compassion
By Clinical Psychologist Dr James Kirby

When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve we all celebrate and enjoy the moment. However, not long after, we get met with that dreaded question?

So what are your New Years Resolutions?

Teaching ACT Courses to the Public

As of Sept 2014 I have just started teaching an ACT course at an active senior center and a course proposal I submitted for an ACT course at a local college in community education has just been accepted. I would like very much to connect with other ACT clinicians who are doing the same so we can share ideas.

Four ways Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help people struggling with suspicious thoughts

Feeling on edge while walking down an empty street at night; thinking you are being gossiped about at work; feeling like you need to be on guard around certain people… Worrying that others are intending to do us harm is a surprisingly common experience.

接納與承諾療法(Acceptance and commitment therapy)簡介


接納與承諾療法(Acceptance and commitment therapy, ACT, 通常不拆開來念,而是直接發act的音),是一種用在心理治療的臨床行為分析(clinical behavior analysis, CBA))形式。它是一個有實證基礎的心理介入法,使用不同的接納(acceptance)與正念(mindfulness)策略,以及承諾(commitment)與行為改變策略(behavior-change strategies),用來增進心理彈性(psychological flexibility)。這個治療取向一開始稱為(心理的)廣泛距離化(comprehensive distancing)。是在1980年代後期,由Steven C. Hayes、Kelly G. Wilson與Kirk Strosahl所發展出來的。

Adolescent purpose

One of the great advances offered by conextual sciences is the recognition of the importance of value/purpose in all of our lives. The attached article from Child Development Perspectives provides some insight into how a sense of purpose is also being acknowledged within applied developmental science.  I really can't think of a more important role for social scientists than that of promoting a sense of purpose in our youth.

Frank Masterpasqua

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寫給對接納與承諾療法(acceptance & commitment therapy)有興趣的你/妳

Author:蘇益賢(臨床心理師)@ 台灣
Su Yi-Hsien, Clinical Psychologist, Taiwan



  接納與承諾療法(Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,ACT)是由美國心理學家Steven C. Hayes與他的同事在90年代發展出來的治療理論。ACT源於歷史悠久的行為療法,它是在認知行為療法(第二波行為療法)後被發展出來的新產物,因此被稱為行為療法的第三浪潮(third wave,還包含MBCT、DBT、MBSR等治療取向)。


ACT for aspergers syndrome

Hi all


This is my first post!  Does anyone know of any research/books that use ACT when seeing clients with diagnosis of Aspergers?. I work in Primary care and we are receiving a lot of referrals to treat anxiety and depression within this population.

Any help much appreciated.





Looking At The Moon

“The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.”
       ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

Why don’t therapists use exposure? And how psychological flexibility can help.

Exposure is one of the most important and effective components in cognitive behavioural therapies for anxiety disorders, supported by decades of research. And yet it is under-used in clinical practice. Why?

Well, it isn’t just that many therapists use approaches that are not evidence-based. It seems that even those therapists who have been trained, end up not using exposure routinely. It is likely that exposure is the first empirically supported method that therapists stop doing soon after their training.

Guidance please on studies

Hi all

by proxy symptom reduction

Just wondering if anyone knows off hand act outcome studies that have shown a reduction in symptoms even thought this was not the aim of the intervention per se. I am writing an evaluation of WRAP groups and want to discuss the link between its "recovery" ethos and that of act . Any  sign posting in the right direction would be much appriciated . 

5 Barriers to Change

The idea of change in the standard model of health is fairly simplistic. You take a dysfunctional behaviour and replace it with a functional one. Or worse, you take a dysfunctional thought and replace it with a functional, adaptive one. This approach works well if you are fixing cars or washing machines, but with a human being it is bound to fail. And guess who is left feeling a failure each time.

PR Power

How is it that people end up doing things that they know are bad for them? Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, people know that drinking too much will lead to problems. Over eating will definitely lead to being overweight and all the problems that come with that. Overspending at the shops will cause money problems later on. Yet the reality is that most people behave like this- its normal! More...

Hope this is useful


3x3x3 Technique

One of the features of Autopilot is that it has a focus on the short-term. And usually the worse a person feels then the more Autopilot wants a really simple solution that is going to work in the very immediate future. Quite likely this is a feature of evolution in that it was going to be way more important to think about running away from a predator, or other threat, than to think about the longer term. In my opinion our fight/flight system is beautifully efficient when you look at it in detail. More...

Introducing: ACTivate ACT with Radiant Thinking

How does radiant thinking, often called Mind Mapping© (Buzon, T., 1970), apply to the ACT model and RFT? When working with the natural way the mind likes to operate, which is non-linear, radiant thinking allows for the expansion of the creative process. The goal is to let the mind get outside the box of fear. The simple process of drawing a Mind Map is expanding as a stand-alone endeavor. That being said, you can see the map continues to grow bigger and bigger with each new word and each new line that is drawn on the paper.

The V Word

As you may know I tend not to use the V word to do values work, as it can lead people towards stories about values. Thus we can hear ideas like ‘I have a values conflict’, or ‘I have no values’. Instead I use the term ‘directions’ as it speaks to a felt sense in the moment that describes the type of energy the person is experiencing whilst they are in motion. In the Matrix language we describe these two forms of energy sensations as towards or away. More...

ACT being used in a short-term inpatient psychiatric facility???

I need assistance from anyone who may direct me on this:

I am doing research project for my Masters in Social Work. I am an Intern at a short-term psychiatric facility. In my research I am unable to find any articles on the use of ACT in a short-term psychiatric facility (stand alone) - length of stay 6-9 days. Topic: Women with Depression.  Can anyone help and direct me to something that might work or comparable? This is my first blog ever so I don't even know if blogs are used for posting questions or asking for help, but I thought I would try!

The Unlearning Zone

Everyone has heard about the Comfort Zone and the Learning Zone, but the reality of change is different. In the normal model of change you learn to do new things that will make life better. If only it was so easy. All you have to do is switch a behaviour that does not work with one that does. Not!


First Spanish Book on ACT applied to Education



"Accion tutorial y orientación: Aceptación, compromiso, valores". The English title might be something like: "Teaching and Advising at Secondary School: Acceptance, Commitment, Values".

I have just received the book from the Publishing house. My new book, the "last" one.

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Coping: neither good, nor bad, but "it depends"

Coping is a concept we often use in chronic pain management.
Our aim as clinicians is to help people with chronic pain cope with their pain so they can do more of what is important to them.

What’s Right is Wrong and What’s Wrong is Right

What’s Right is Wrong and What’s Wrong is Right

Clients who come to therapy, or ask for help, will believe that there is something wrong with them. They will attend sessions in order for an expert to help them get rid of the problem. For many this sense of something being wrong with them will have started way back in childhood. It is the product of an environment that did not respond appropriately to their needs. Some experiences may be much worse such as abuse, neglect and over-control.

Shifting Sands Metaphor

Shifting Sands Metaphor
The purpose of ACT is not to fix symptoms, rather to develop a life life of meaning that is worth living. For the therapist this is a dramatic change of orientation towards the client. If we are not fixing things then what are we doing? What is our direction in sessions? More...

Hope this helps

Happy Xmas


ACT Fundamentals

Between the first part of the reference book 'Experiential Approach to Change' and the second part there is a gap, if you have not received a Behavioral Training. I call this area the ACT Fundamentals, without which it is much harder to unlock the power of the Hexaflex.

Engaging Your Anger, Reducing Stress and Helping Your Relationship Thrive During the Holidays

Does Anger Get a Bad Rap?

Few emotions have as much negative connotation as anger. It's often described as a sin, a character flaw or a destructive force. In my work with anger management in Austin, Tx, I have many clients who are seeking escape from it, or are being told they shouldn't feel it--or at least shouldn't express it.

Excerpt from book on 'Aid for ACT with Christian Clients

Christian Worldview

DISCLAIMER: This is not an evangelical document. It is only for information on motivations for values that Christians are likely to have. 
You do not have to read the Bible to benefit from this understanding of the Christian worldview as relevant verses and teachings will be clearly marked throughout this book.

This is merely an aid for therapists who have Christian clients in the hope of helping to expedite the therapy process.


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