Transformation of Stimulus Function in Boston

Earlier last month, late night talk show host Trevor Noah had a section of his show that looked at racism in Boston. The report when on to explain how Boston is consistently rated the most racist city in the United States. In an effort to infuse humor (as he often does), one of his correspondants, Roy Wood Jr., took to the streets of Boston to determine if the townsfolk agreed with the reports. At the end of the bit, in an effort to make the townsfolk care more about how racist or not they are, he puts racism in a frame of coordination with sports.

Nature based ACT - taking the therapy outside

I am writing this first blog about NatureACT - and I would love to get in contact with and hear back from other ACT therapists how also are interessede in and have experince with doing ACT outside the therapytic room.
First a little about my self and what I am working to develop in the framework of doing ACT in the Nature. 





“Nöbetçiler yanlarına sokulanlara parolayı sorarlar. Sende öyle yap. Hayaline gelen her şeye parolayı sor. Hiç baskına uğramazsın.” Epictetus

The illness of being human

Dear All,

I am psychologist by trade and a filmmaker at heart.

While working with patients and for my own experience, I have realised that one of the biggest part of the problem with mental health issues is the stigma attached to it.

We feel ashamed for experiencing the emotions we experience, thinking the thoughts we think and acting in the only way we are able to act in our own circumstances.

So to the original pain, whatever that is; we add the pain of judging and criticising ourselves for being broken or damaged or just not good enough for this world.

ACT Summer Camp

I am pleased to announce that Patti Robinson, Thomas Gustavsson and I will be hosting the First Annual ACT Summer Camp at a beautiful sea-side conference center outside of Helsingborg Sweden. The dates are September 3-7, with a one day ACT Supercharger workshop being conducted the day before the start of summer camp for those that want to refresh their ACT clinical skills. This is a week long, case based supervision and training experience conducted in small groups by the three co-founders of Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (fACT).

Adanma ve kabul

Niye Adanma ve Kabul Terapisi demeliyiz?

Do I have OCD? 8 Surprising OCD Myths

Do you wonder whether you may suffer from undiagnosed OCD?

Don’t Argue With a Brain Glitch. (10 Do's and 5 Don'ts for Parents of Kids with OCD)

If you are a parent of a child who has OCD, you know only too well how easy it is to get entangled in an endless argument where you try to use logic to no avail. You tell your child how unlikely it is that something bad will happen, you teach her to think positively, you reassure her, and you try to help her out.

10 Ways to Make OCD Stronger

What To Do With Those "Bad" Emotions We Feel

Written by Lauren Helm, Ph.D.


First, we can stop calling them bad! Emotions, in and of themselves, are not bad or good: they just are. They are often feared, however, and in our society, so called “negative” emotions in particular are judged, shamed, or hidden. What recent research has been finding is that it is not the emotions that cause the most suffering or difficulty leading our lives, its how we respond to our emotions that is key.

Feeling Lost in Anxious Thoughts & How to Find Your Way Again

Written by Lauren Helm, Ph.D.

We’ve all felt anxiety at some point in our lives (likely many times over, in fact), though perhaps it manifested in different ways. You may have noticed the rapid increase of your heart rate, faster, constricted breaths, the growing tension in your shoulders and neck, cold or clammy hands, or unease in the pit of your stomach. The experience of anxiety is unpleasant, to say the least, and as it builds, it certainly has a way of getting our attention.


Mindfulness: A Path Towards Well-Being

Written by Lauren Helm, Ph.D.

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.”

— Sylvia Boorstein


What guides you in deciding how to act from moment-to-moment, and day-to-day? When you come to a fork in the road, how do you decide which direction to go?

Skills Practice Groups to help you get super skilful at ACT


On the back of the recently held Birmingham ACT Week in UK, I am offering practitioners the chance to join a supervision group focused on practicing and enhancing skills. It is called Small Group Practice Supervision.

The OCD Mind and Uncertainty

A brief introductory video to help clients with OCD who are struggling with uncertainty and the urges OCD can bring about.

Watch here:

Hurricane Irma Help

Hi All,

In an effort to help those trying to deal with the stress associated with Hurricane Irma I have started a YouTube Playlist of Hurricane Irma Help videos:

These short videos are shot on the beach on Marco Island where I live. I have a free offer in them for anyone who wants to get a copy of my relaxation cd audio collection.

Hurricane Irma: The New Normal

Hello All,

Things are slowly returning to normal on Marco Island, my home, after Hurricane Irma swept over it last week.

I should say, the new normal because things will never be the same for any of us here or in other places affected by the storm.

Let me explain...

Free Guided Mindfulness Practices based on EBPs


In the interest of increasing dissemination of free mindfulness-based guided resources for patients who may not otherwise have access, I'd like to invite you to explore my website. It includes mindfulness practices divided by EBP including DBT guided skills, mindful self-compassion, mindfulness-based stress reduction and practices specific to ACT.

Thank you so much for increasing dissemination!

Sara Rabinovitch, Ph.D

power points for veteran workshop

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2 day workshop powerpoints

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New Sex Coaching Course and Sexual Mindfulness Audio Collection

Hi All,

My new course, Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching: Sexual Relationship Coaching for Committed Couples has been approved for 10 Coaching CEUs from the Center for Credentialing Education (CCE). Find out more:

Entrevista con Steven C. Hayes: Sal de tu mente, entra en su charla (subtitulado al español)

¡Hola! Te invitamos a disfrutar de esta amistosa y profunda entrevista con Steven Hayes, donde nos comparte su conocimiento y algunas reflexiones y consejos útiles para la comunidad de psicólogos y estudiantes que formamos parte de México.






Reflections on ACT/FAP & Useful Protocols

In the past, I would write about ACT and what I was doing at the College where I was a Director of Counseling, for example started a group on ACT and Depression in 2010, and it was wonderful.  It deeply resonated with the students. This led to other small workshops on mindfulness, ACT and "the Happniness Trap", and then I took a pause.

Four Paths to Psychological Flexibility.

For access to this blog, please follow this link:



Marianela Medrano, PhD, LPC 

Registered Supervisor ACT - Australia

Hi all


I am looking for an AHPRA registered secondary supervisor who focusses on ACT, preferably in the workplace and preferably in Brisbane.  Might be a big ask!  I am also allowed to do supervision via Skype/Webcam etc, so if you do focus more in the workplace, but not in Brisbane, would be interested to hear from you as well!  


Kind regards

Margie Ireland

Provisional Psychologist 

Ph: 0418734425



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