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Podcast: Mindful Things: Changing Attitudes About Mental Health (McLean Hospital)

Epsisodes about ACT

FEB 14, 2023: Become Friends With Your Anxiety - Interview with Lisa Coyne, Ph.D.

JAN 31, 2023: Acceptance & Commitment Skill-Building for Adolescents - Interview with Nate Gruner, LICSW

MAR 29, 2022: Apply ACT Principles to Your Daily Life - Interview with Jason Krompinger, Ph.D.

NOV 23, 2021: Mindfulness for Kids & Teens - Interview with Lisa Coyne, Ph.D. 

NOV 9, 2021: Turning the Page on Anxiety - Interview with Jill Stoddard, Ph.D.

OCT 19, 2021: Love Your Life Through the Science of Happiness - Interview with Lisa Coyne, Ph.D.

AUG 17, 2021: Self-Acceptance’s Role In Good Mental Health - Interview with Lisa Coyne, Ph.D.


McLean Hospital’s podcast—Mindful Things—explores mental health through frank, in-depth, personal, and sometimes difficult conversations about the many things that affect our mental well-being.

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