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Mindfulness Audio Recordings

There are many supplemental materials that you may find of use in your clinical practice. Be it mindfulness practice tapes or homework exercises, in most cases, clients need more than just one hour per week of skills and practice living a more fulfilling life directed by values.

In particular, we recommend these materials (in addition to any you already use) that you may suggest that your clients listen to between sessions, as an adjunct to therapy, or that you may recommend for someone who does not particularly need or is not interested in a full course of psychotherapy.

We keep a list in the Public section of the site of files that non-ACBS members can access via other websites (as only ACBS members can access the files uploaded to this site).

Please visit Free Audio Exercises for the Public for a list of files you or your clients can access at any time. If you have or know of links to external sources (that anyone can access for free) please email ACBS Staff to have them added to this list.

From the websites this page directs you to, you may wish to download these files and save them to a CD or DVD or email them to your clients to use.

If you have audio files that you wish to provide for ACBS member access only (e.g., they are not hosted on another site) please add a child page here.

This page contains attachments restricted to ACBS members. Please join or login with your ACBS account.