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Podcast: Voices & Values (ACBS DEI SIG)

Voices & Values of ACBS is a podcast run by the ACBS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Special Interest Group. Jacob Martinez speaks with guests from the CBS world about their lives, backgrounds, and values. Listen on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Episode 3: Interview with Dr. Jennifer S. Payne on her upcoming book, her passion for social work, and her community initiatives. Dr. Payne is the co-chair of the ACBS DEI SIG, and is also a member of the ACBS DEI Committee. (October 2021)

Episode 2: Interview with Dr. Houyuan Luo on the meaning of life, leadership, and the future of psychotherapy. (September 2021)

Episode 1: Interview with Dr. Jessica Borushok about life, love, and authenticity (August 2021)

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