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Podcast: Psychologists Off the Clock

Psychologists Off the Clock: Episodes about ACT

Episode #221 Birth Trauma with Jan Smith

Episode #220 Our Stories of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss with Diana Hill, Alexis Bachik, and Anne Cushman

Episode #216 Managing Anger and Irritability with Russell KoltsEpisode

Episode # 212 Stuff That’s Loud: OCD and Anxiety with Lisa Coyne and Ben Sedley

Episode # 203 The Unbreakable Student with Nic Hooper

Episode # 199 Belonging From the Inside Out with Meg McKelvie

Episode # 195 ACT Daily with Diana Hill and Debbie Sorensen

Episode # 190 ACT for Suicide Prevention with Sean Barnes

Episode # 189 Imposter Syndrome

Episode # 181 on Stop Avoiding Stuff with Matt Boone

Episode # 146 on Parental Burnout with Lisa Coyne

Episode # 128 on ACT For Food Restriction And Anorexia With Dr. Rhonda Merwin

Episode # 118 on ACT for Moral Injury and Shame with Dr. Lauren Borges and Dr. Jacob Farnsworth.

Episode # 116 on Building a Meaningful, Values-based Life with Dr. Jenna LeJeune.

Episode # 106 on Therapy from "The Heart of ACT" with Dr. Robyn Walser.

Episode # 103 on ACT for Health Behavior Change with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley.

Episode #102 on A Liberated Mind with ACT Co-Founder Dr. Steven Hayes.

Episode # 79 on ACT for Adolescents Using the DNA-V Model with Dr. Louise Hayes.

Episode # 77 on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dr. Jill Stoddard.

Episode # 72 on Committed Action with Dr. DJ Moran.

Episode # 65 on Self-care, Kindness, and Living Well with ACT Co-Founder Dr. Kelly Wilson.

Episode # 62 on Relational Frame Theory with Dr. Matthieu Villatte.

Episode # 57 on Evolution and Behavioral Science with Dr. Steven Hayes and Dr. David Sloan Wilson

Episode # 56 on ACT and Process-Based CBT with Dr. Steven Hayes.

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