Free Videos: Learning About and Applying ACT

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There are many free videos that can help you learn about ACT and begin to apply it to your life. The videos listed here are by no means a comprehensive list, and different therapists and clients may use different ways to illustrate or apply ACT principles. 

These videos span a wide range of topics, from how to use ACT principles to cope with common problems to animated ACT exercises you can practice at home.  Most of the videos are developed by ACT therapists, but some are made by clients to illustrate how they've applied ACT principles to their lives.

These videos were not created for or by ACBS, but we have put some together here from various sources. We hope that you find some of them useful.  

Simply click on the links below to browse. If you are looking for videos about RFT, check out this list. Also, don't forget about the many videos available to logged in ACBS members here.

If you find others on Youtube or elsewhere, please let us know by Adding a Comment and include the URL for the video and we'll get it up for you.