ACT/RFT Readers Update (2011)

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Dear Contextual Science Community,

We are happy to be putting out our full 2011 ACT/RFT Reader’s Update. In this Update we review assessment, chronic pain, experiential avoidance, pilot studies, RCT’s, relational frame theory and several research reviews. We hope you find the information helpful. Please take a look at the attached and find what interests you.

It has been interesting times at the Update, with change in editorial/writer staff (a big welcome to Katherine Young, Jeannette Tappe, Tam Nguyen and Aimee Zhang) and other unanticipated delays with this issue, we have been pressed to finish up and post. We are glad to report however, that the 2012 issue, including a literature review through September 2012, is nearly complete and will be out very soon. Additionally, a literature search has already been completed including October 2012 through February 2013. Stay tuned….

We are also looking forward to including and perhaps featuring articles found in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science. We hope everyone is enjoying the journal and finding it useful. What a great contribution to ACBS!

Lastly and importantly, we are looking forward to ACBS World Conference in Sydney, Australia, July 8-12. The World Conference is always exciting, engaging and fun! Many great ideas for projects, studies and papers are generated at the conference and it will be sure to provide ACT/RFT Reader’s Update staff with plenty more to review!

Warm Regards,

Maggie Chartier, Psy.D., MPH
Barbara Mazina, B.A.
Tam Nguyen, Ph.D.
Katie Sears, Ph.D.
Ian Stewart, Ph.D.
Jeannette Tappe, M.A.
Thuy Tran, B.A.
Robyn Walser, Ph.D.
Katherine Young, M.S.
Aimee Zhang, B.S.

Note: if you are aware of any article or research publication, editorial, dissertation abstract, etc. that has not been included please forward reference to

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