ACT/RFT Reader's Update (July, 2012)

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Dear ACT Community,

We are excited….and relieved to put out two Reader’s Updates this round. Please log in to download the attachments from this webpage.

It is really great to see all of the work and writing that is being done in the areas of ACT, RFT and mindfulness. It is keeping us busy and energized as reviewers. Find in the Update, summaries designed to provide you with a quick overview of topics and issues, with links in the document to more detailed information.

In Update “10finalb” you will find summaries, references and abstracts on acceptance, addiction, assessment, case studies, children/adolescents, chronic pain, experiential avoidance and RFT.

In Update “10finalcd,” in addition to some of the same topics above, you will find summaries, references and abstracts on anxiety and depression, RCT’s and research reviews. In this issue we also wanted to feature RFT. It is the first summary presented in the Update. Ian Stewart has done an excellent job. He has thoughtfully put together information in a effort to keep us abreast of research this area. A big thanks to Ian!

We are diligently working on the next issue: Coming soon to a list-serve near you!

Finally, if you know of any articles, studies or other information that we should include in our next issue and may not be easily findable by regular search engines, please let us know. Also, be sure to let us know if we missed something.


Reviewers and Editors

Maggie Chartier

Barbara Mazina

Katie Sears

Ian Stewart

Thuy Tran

Robyn Walser 

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