Books & Tapes

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There are many books, tapes, and other materials to help you learn more about ACT, RFT, Contextual Behavioral Science, and related topics such as mindfulness and other third wave interventions.

Did you know? You can support ACBS by purchasing many of these books right from this site!

It's quick and it's easy. At the bottom of many of the individual pages for each book, there is a link to purchase it through If you buy it through that link, you are supporting ACBS because Amazon sends us a portion of the profits.

There may seem like a lot of choices in some areas. And there are, which is a testament to how quickly the ACT/RFT/CBS work has grown. To help you consider your options, along with the materials listed in the pages below we often have posted additional information about it, including what you might expect in reading or using it as a training tool.