2019 #6 Newsletter (June)

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New ACBS Foundation

We are excited to announce the creation of a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to contextual behavioral science and the shared mission of ACBS. The ACBS Foundation will support existing activities within ACBS and explore areas for future development, through scholarships, grants, foundation-managed programs, or special projects. You can find more information and donate to the foundation on the ACBS website.

JCBS Journal Impact Factor

The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS) received its second Journal Impact Factor in the 2019 release of the Journal Citations Report: 1.890! A 55% increase from our first Impact Factor of 1.216. This indicates that articles published by JCBS in 2016 and 2017 were cited an average of 1.8 times in 2018. Read more about the JCBS' Journal Impact Factor on the ACBS website.

The effect of brief mindfulness training on momentary impulsivity

In JCBS Vol. 11, Mark R. Dixon, Dana Paliliunas, Jordan Belisle, Ryan C. Speelman, Karl F. Gunnarsson, and Jordan L. Shaffer propose a contextual model of delay discounting. The paper concludes impulsivity is altered when exposed to mindfulness training and that these results have implications for applying mindfulness-based strategies that can reduce the probability of impulsive choice behavior. ACBS members can read the paper for free in the JCBS member portal.

New Psychodynamic and CBS SIG

We are pleased to announce the newest ACBS Special Interest Group (SIG), the Psychodynamic and CBS SIG! The new Psychodynamic and CBS SIG includes all models of CBS and therapy, and all models of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic research and therapy, and as such, includes a broad and diverse range of therapeutic approaches. ACBS members can join the SIG and learn more about the new SIG on its webpage.

Three New Listservs for Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ACBS recently created new listservs for three Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Social Work and ACT SIG, ACT in Primary Care SIG, and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SIG. Most SIGs have a dedicated listserv for ACBS members to share information that might be of interest to the other SIG members. We encourage you to stay connected with your colleagues by joining a SIG listserv today. You can see the full list of ACBS listservs on our website.

Early Career Research Paper Award

The Early Career Research Paper Award program recognizes a rising star researcher presenting a study at the ACBS World Conference. This year’s winner was Felicity Brown, Ph.D., MPsychClin. She contributed to an RCT (in partnership with HealthRight, Johns Hopkins University, the Ministry of Health Uganda, WHO, and UNHCR) to measure the effectiveness of an ACT-Based Guided Self-Help Intervention for South Sudanese Refugee Women in Uganda.

2020 ACBS World Conference: New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
July 14 - 19, 2020
Register your interest in the 2020 ACBS World Conference here.